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I attended University Northern Colorado/University of Utah
Degree: B.A. Elementary Education
Position/Grade 1st Grade Teacher
I have been teaching for 28 years
I have been at Holy Angels since 1992

My name is Mrs. Glen and I am very excited and committed to teaching our young minds! I want your child to belong to an environment filled with spiritual growth, lasting friendships, and infinite success.
I was born in Boulder, Colorado. I received my teaching degree at University of Northern Colorado. I have been teaching for 28 years, while raising wonderful 3 children. My children have all received a Holy Angels education and continue to aspire to greatness.
As a mother, I am aware of your desire for the best education. I strongly encourage parental involvement at home and in the classroom. Together we can acquire knowledge on how to strengthen your child's academic skills.
I have taught First Grade at Holy Angels for 26 years and each year I try to incorporate something new and exciting into the curriculum, while maintaining experiences that all First Graders remember!
First grade website click here.  http://3tjglen.weebly.com


September Birthday Celebrations

Hello "First Grade" Families,
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. I wanted to check-in with my families regarding Birthday Celebrations. To avoid the never ending sweets and celebrations. (Of course, everyday is a celebration of life!") 
This year, I will schedule the 3rd Friday of every month to celebrate Birthdays.(Due to change on various months.) This month's celebration has been scheduled to take place Friday, September 20th from 1:15 pm-2:00 pm at the 1st Grade going home benches.
You are welcomed to serve a simple snack or treat to the class to celebrate. Some ideas for what to provide(any of the following): cupcakes, cookies, brownies, ice cream cups, veggies,or fruit, etc.. Please provide a drink (juice box or small water) along with any paper products and utensils need for the 13 First Students. 
Thank you!

Jog-a-thon Needs

Parents:  "First Grade Class"
30- Granola Bars- Tsans Family (thanks)
30 Small Waters-Yang Family (thanks)
22- Oranges/Apples cut-up and bagged- TsanFamily (thanks again)
2-spray bottles filled with water- 
1- ice chest filled with ice for water- Dyrek Family (thanks)
First Grade Helpers: Regina Tsan-Julia Winata-Hayley Ledesma-Gina-Darren Parsons (many thanks)
Please note:  Mrs. Glen would like to remind everyone there should be concerted efforts to coordinate accessories.If a student wishes to wear crazy socks or sweat band, it is perfectly fine. We want to avoid squads of matchy-match- making it a potential student feeling left out. Lets embrace the Jog-a-thon and put our money towards the purpose "Technology For Holy Angels!"
Thank you in advance for all your support!

Christmas Sign-Ups

Paper Products: Wen Family (thanks)
22 Small Waters and Juice boxes: Calderon Family (thanks)
String Cheese: Romero Family (thanks)
20 small items:  Stockings-Mrs. Glen: More Items Needed: Hnatiuk Family-bookmarks (thanks)
Cookie/Cupcake: Smith Family (thanks)
Main Food:Christensen Family-Chicken Strips(thanks)
Fruit: Wen Family (thanks)
Vegetables: Hernandez Family (thanks)
Volunteers: December 21st Christmas Party
1. Laura Romero
2. Kim Smith
3. Ceci Barajas
4. Rebecca Newton
Christmas program water and goldfish items: Huls Family (thanks)