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Holy Angels School is the home to the oldest licensed, Archdiocesan Pre-School in the San Gabriel Valley!


For over 25 years, Holy Angels Early Education Program has readied young minds to succeed in primary school and beyond. Combining developmentally appropriate and academic expectations with social skills Holy Angels' educates the whole child, which is important to a happy and well-adjusted child.


Holy Angels Early Education Program is made up of a Pre-School (PK), Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and a Kindergarten class. In addition to the academic program, we offer Spanish, Music, and Physical Education. Additionally, technology is incorporated into the weekly learning schedule through the use of Ipads and web based programs. 


Holy Angels Early Education Program not only values the importance of strong academic development but we are committed to educating the mind, body, and soul. We also have the essential belief of allowing “kids to be kids” through the exploration and discovery of lessons learned at play.

Through the trinity of spirituality, academics and social development, Holy Angels Early Education Program has helped enhance the growth and success of every child while also fostering their individuality.


For more information regarding the classes, please visit the class websites:


Pre-Kindergarten - PK Website Click Here

Transitional Kindergarten - TK Website Click Here 

Kindergarten - Kindergarten Website Click Here