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Welcome Class of 2017
I would like to welcome my students back for their final year at Holy Angels.  It is my goal to make it a year of learning, growth, and fun. This will be a very busy year with many activities and additional responsibilities.  My students inevitably find themselves stressed out at some point during the year, so if you ever find yourself having difficulties, please don't hesitate to come to me or email me.  I am always willing to listen. Together we can come up with a solution to help it be a successful year as well.  I am looking forward to great things from all of you.
While you are here, please subscribe to each of my classes to keep informed of homework assignments, tests, and projects.
Summer Reading Assignments
Updated July 6, 2016.  Please follow this assignment - not any others that you might find on the school website.
   1. Literature
Please choose some books of an appropriate reading level to read during the vacation.  You will have a requirement of 20 AR points each trimester.  You should read enough to earn at least 10 points the first week of school.
   2. Current Events
Please choose an article from a printed newspaper or magazine (no online articles).  The article should be about something newsworthy and have some significance to society.  Do not pick articles about sports or celebrities.  Create a Google Slides presentation summarizing the article using the following criteria:
  • SLIDE 1 - Title slide with the student's name and the title, publication, and date of the article.  
  • SLIDE 2 - Summarize the main points of your article.  I suggest using bullet points.  Be sure to cover the five W's (who, what, when, where, why, and how).  You do not need to use these words in the summary though.
  • SLIDE 3 - Insert a relevant picture.
  • SLIDE 4 - Discuss the importance of this news and your own personal opinion about it.
  • SLIDE 5 - Give a proper citation (bibliography) of your article.
Please share your Google Slides presentation with me prior to the first day of school.  You will be asked to present this orally to the class on the first day of school.
Be sure to follow these requirements.  Students usually want to do more than what is required, thinking it will improve their score.  However, I warn you not to add more slides to the presentation or you will be marked down.  I am gauging your ability to summarize a lengthy article on a limited number of slides.  
About me
Colleges: UCLA; California Western School of Law
Degrees: BA Political Science; JD
Credentials: Single Subject Social Studies; Single Subject Foundation Level Mathematics
Resume: St. Stephen Martyr School 7th grade teacher 2000 - 2003
Year started at Holy Angels: 2003