Holy Angels Elementary School


Degrees/ Credentials

MA in Education

BA in Fine Arts, Minor in Music

Multiple Subject Teaching Credential



Pitzer College

Cal State University, L.A.

Mount St. Mary’s University



During my fifteen years as an educator, I have taught a range of grades from Kindergarten through 8th grade. My passion is leading students to academic growth and helping them reach their full potential. This is my fourth year teaching 5th grade at Holy Angels School.



I believe in a creative, compassionate, and research-based approach to teaching. Many approaches to teaching are evident in my classroom from project based learning, writing to learn, learning to write, differentiated instruction, and mastery of foundational skills. It is my belief that students are successful when they are engaged in high interest activities and when they are being challenged. I celebrate growth and set high expectations.


I believe parents are the primary teachers. A partnership that involves the student, the parents, and the teacher is important to maximize learning goals and ensure good study skills are being practiced. Fifth grade is an exciting time in elementary school. Students are transitioning into more independence as they approach middle school. I look forward to working with your children on this exciting journey of growth and discovery.



Online Learning Behavior Expectations

  • similar behavior expectations as typical face-to-face classes, with additional expectations
  • be on time!
  • students enter class with sound muted
  • you must be present for all classes for the day to be considered "present" in the attendance records
  • students should be sitting at a desk (not laying down, not doing the splits or doing things they would not be allowed to do in class etc.)
  • dress attire is simply appropriate clothing
  • if students use a virtual background, use common sense for what is appropriate. Not sure? Then don’t use it OR ask Ms. Bouvet if it’s ok before using it.
  • side chat is ONLY for students to communicate with the teacher and to answer questions I have asked the class (NOT to chat with each other)
  • respond to the teacher by physically raising your hand or using the raise hand icon
  • be resourceful – after classroom meetings, meet with peers on Zoom to help with issues such as how to upload assignments into Google classroom, work WITH peers to complete classwork, email teacher, etc.


Submitting Work on Google Classroom

  • Name and Date are written on the top of each page
  • When an answer key is provided, student "self-corrects" their work in a red pen (or other correcting color) before taking a picture. What does this look like? If an answer is wrong, write the correct answer in red. When done correcting, write the score as a fraction - points earned on top, points possible on bottom.
  • Picture should be taken in a well-light area, on a flat surface
  • All assignments for Ms. Bouvet will be submitted in Google Classroom unless otherwise specified