Holy Angels Elementary School


Attended: Cal State Fullerton
Degree: BA Psychology
Credential: California Clear
Experience: Substitute Teaching, Arcadia. and Pasadena Unified School Districts
4th Grade teacher Holy Angels School 1984-present

About 4th Grade
Welcome to 4th Grade!
Well, it's finally happened. Your child has made the turn, and is headed for the upper grades. Fourth grade can be a little confusing to new students and parents alike. All the work to turn in! When is it due? When is our next test? What about that dreaded California History project? Hopefully this site will help to keep you and your child on track, and keep you informed about what's going on in the classroom, upcoming events to be aware of, and offer some tips to be successful in 4th grade. Let's aim for a challenging, exciting year!
Days to Note: 
PE Days--Tuesday and Wednesday at 1:15
Music--Monday at 10:55
Art--Friday at 1:15
Computers--Friday at 10:55
Spanish--Thursday (10:55)
(Times and days subject to change)
About Me
I have been teaching 4th grade at Holy Angels since 1984 . (They haven't thrown me out yet, so I must be doing something right!) I believe that learning should be fun and challenging, and I try to create projects and assignments that reflect that. I also believe that discipline and structure helps students to learn, so I try to keep things orderly. You may find me a bit strict at times. I hope to create students who are accountable for their actions, and are moving toward being more organized. I want my class to be a place kids want to come in the morning, and where they feel safe and cared about.
In my spare time, I love to read, and sew. I enjoy traveling, especially road trips.  At some point I would like to be able to visit every national park in California, but this summer because of the exorbitant cost of gas, food, and lodging I did not go anywhere except to the kitchen and back from the couch.  I did however make 3 quilts and finish reading Moby Dick!