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Accelerated Reader Leaderboard

Congrats to our Accelerated Reader leaders!
1st - Elliott Sherman, Ellis Tran, Alina Huls, and Ian Parsons
2nd - Gerald Po, Kira Carroll, Daniella Muro, and Camden Gibson
3rd - Oliver Sherman, Liam Zeutzius, Charlie Hynes, and Sofia Joyner
4th - Lucas Cirrana, Semeli Olivas, Jake Rasic, and Nathan Savarese
5th - Josh Dacumos, Vanessa Mora, Sam Yoon, and Nathan Quinones
6th - Kathleen Wijaya, Paola Munoz, Matthew Cirrana, and McCall Zeutzius
7th - Jessie Zovak, Cade Gibson, Evelyn Ogier, and Maxwell Joseph
8th - Lorelei Olivas, Delaney McRiley, Elsie Trujillo, and Jack Darling
*As of 1/5/15
Read the Most from Coast to Coast!
Holy Angels is joining schools from across the country to break the AR Test taking record again this year.  More details to come soon!