Holy Angels Elementary School


 Azusa Pacific University: BA Human Development
 Point Loma Nazarene University  : Multiple Subject Credential  
                                                         Special Education Mild to Moderate Credential
                                                         Education Specialist
UCLA Extension :Certificate for Educating and Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder 
 Monrovia Unified School District 2008-2010: Special Education Aide,Substitute Teacher (Kinder through High School)
 Holy Angels Elementary School 2010-present: Substitute Teacher, Resource Teacher , 7th Grade Religion Teacher
Dear Parents and Students:
  This will be the 5th year that Holy Angels has had a Resource Program.  My  goal as the Resource Specialist is to work with Mrs. Dyrek and  the grade level teachers to provide students with the  individualized support and the small group instruction they need to be successful learners.
Looking forward to a great year! 
Mrs. Nixon

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"Bullying" is a very serious issue. I really like this definition of a word that holds such an emotional impact.

Teachers Rank What They Want From Parents

1.  Make sure you child gets to school.  
Unless they are sick, everyday is an important learning day!
2. Collaborate with the teacher when academic or behavior issues arise.  
We are all on the same team!  There is nothing a teacher wants more than successful students. Problem is sometimes the definition of "successful" may vary.
3.Set high expectations!  
 No skill worth learning is mastered over night!  Celebrate effort, celebrate each step towards your child's goal but don't lower the expectation because they struggle.  Struggling is the most important part of the lesson.